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Your NDIS Plan Manager

We are Plan Management Specialists. Eleven Plus Studio is a nationally registered NDIS provider. Our Plan Management team supports you in managing your NDIS funds on your behalf. We are here to help you!

NDIS Plan Management
NDIS Plan Management Services

What is NDIS Plan Management?

An NDIS plan manager helps you maximise your plan and saves you time by dealing with your providers, managing your budget, paying your invoices, and giving independent guidance.
NDIS Plan Management Services

How It Works

As your nominated plan manager, Eleven Plus Studio is responsible for paying invoices from providers for the services you receive and submitting claims to NDIS portal.

To pay to your provider, you can simply choose one of these options:
Email your authorised invoice/s to us
Mail your signed invoice/s to our mailing address.

NDIS Plan Management Services

Why Choose Us

We will talk about your goals, support and services you need

We help you learn new skills so you can be more independent

We are registered service providers with NDIS

We meet standard requirements

We have over 15 years of experience in financial management

We help you manage your NDIS budget

Up to date and precise information 24/7

Invoice and receipt management

We communicate with you if we have not heard from you recently

Authorisation arrangement of your choice to pay the bills.

We can help you connect with NDIS-approved service providers that will best meet your needs.

NDIS Plan Management Services

Frequently Asked Questions

No! It doesn’t cost you anything. When you request Plan Management in your first plan meeting or subsequent review meetings, additional funding is included in your plan under ‘Improved Life Choices’ category to cover the costs.

No, requesting to be Plan Managed will not affect your other funds. The NDIS will add additional funding for Plan Management.

If you already have your plan in place but didn’t request to be Plan managed, don’t worry. You can easily ask for a review of your plan to have it added. While this sounds scary, adding Plan Management to your plan is actually considered to be a very good reason to ask for a review because the NDIS cannot refuse a participants request to be Plan managed.

Very easy! You simply need to ask the NDIS to include plan management in your NDIS Plan. This is usually done at an NDIS Plan or Plan Review meeting. It can also be done at any time, between plans.

At your NDIS Plan Meeting: you may not be asked how you want your plan to be managed, so you might need to mention that you would like to use a plan manager or give your NDIS Planner a plan management request form (please request a form to us).

You will usually make a decision on how your plan is managed at your NDIS Plan or Plan Review meeting. However, you can request this to be changed at any time.

Any NDIS participant can ask to have plan management added to their NDIS Plan.

This can be done:

  • At your NDIS Plan meeting
  • At your NDIS Plan Review meeting
  • Between plans by contacting the NDIS and asking for a Plan Review.

Unspent NDIS funds do not roll over to the next plan. According to NDIS Guidelines, supports are paid from the plan that the support dates fall under.

Each NDIS plan has been designated funds to ensure that supports needed during the specific plan dates are enough for the participant.

You can arrange for your service providers to send their invoices directly to you in the first instance.

Once you have reviewed the invoice and are happy for us to pay, you can then forward the invoice to us and this will be considered “pre-approved”. This is the fastest way to have your invoices paid as there is no waiting period for an authorisation.

Another option is for the service provider to send the invoice directly to our email address, which will then be entered into our system and emailed to the participant or nominated representative for authorisation to pay.

If you don’t have an email to authorise, we will call you to authorise invoices over the phone.

For more information, email us at info@elevenplusstudio.com or call us at (07) 3705 3776
NDIS Plan Management Services